Run, jump and die in this short puzzle-platformer!

Get to the flag to complete the level. The catch? You have only a few seconds to get there. You can restart the level at any time, but try not to trip over all the bodies you leave behind!

Controls: Press WASD/ARROW KEYS to move/SPACE to jump/ALT to restart.

This game features 3 tutorial stages and 4 regular levels. Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes or less.

"A Shiver in Time" was made for the May Day Game Jam and was made in under 24 hours by Anne Wijning and Lisa Sijnstra.

Install instructions

Unpack the ZIP file and run the .exe file. Enjoy!


Game Executable (Windows) 45 MB


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Cool game with interesting mechanics! I really liked the idea of leaving behind bodies. One suggestion is to use another key instead of alt because it makes you click out of the window which means the game pauses. I hope you keep making great games!

if only it would make the game pause. for me it actives the browser menu.
which makes the game lose focus obviously.

so I gotta click the menu away and click into the fgame to get focus again.

the in game timer runs nonetheless...